Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas memories

I can't really say why, but for some reason I wanted my mom's fruit cake this year. Now mom has been gone for 13 years but...I dug out her old recipe and decided to give it a try. I had made them many, many years ago. Mom use to make them in the old, 1 pound key turn coffee cans, Can't find them any longer...Well ebay....They start at $5.95 for an empty can.....So I used the aluminum loaf pans.

SOCK it to me

I've discovered socks.....A dear friend from Knotty Friends sent me this lovely pair of socks....they are so beautiful I didn't want to wear them. Finally she talked me into putting them on. I am so spoiled...I never want to wear store bought socks again.....THANK YOU DEB...

Knowing Deb would not make all the socks I need (or want), I decided to give it a try......I'm addicted. I struggled and failed with the dpn's so decided to give the magic loop a try. Here are my first pair made with Lion Brand self striping. Needless to say.....more yarn has been ordered.